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Where folks worked hard to provide concert fans and the bands that came to play at the Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ with a warm, safe, and fun environment.  Most importantly it is dedicated to our departed but never forgotten friends and co-workers of The Capitol Theatre who are no longer with us.  We have dedicated a departed page on their behalf so they may be given a place of their own and others can visit and reflect.

What started as a compilation list of Capitol Theatre Security has grown by inclusion of all departments at the Capitol Theatre during the time of The Capitol Theatres' existence when John Scher and/or Al Hayward were the promoters there, and some employees of an outside contracted sound and/or light company or companies(because what good is a concert without sound and lights). There are also many people who worked the various venues other than the Capitol Theatre in Passaic such as The Casino Arena, Convention Hall in Asbury Park, Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, The New Jersey State Fairgrounds, Raceway Park, The Meadowlands Arena, Giants Stadium, and some we may or may not have forgotten.  And without them and their support our jobs would have been impossible,so their names are included also.  This by no way means we entertain the idea of including employees of other places such as The Meadowlands, etc.  It does however mean that at our discretion, may add subtract, or do what WE want with the list.  If you are offended in any way by the list as to the fact that you are misled by its contents...PLEASE LEAVE NOW...Our intentions are not to mislead you..We Will Rock You....but never mislead you.

 This is what some of us now call our "HOME " on what is known as the "World Wide Web".

 We are on a mission to find our long lost friends of The Capitol Theatre and bring them "HOME" as well... Enjoy the sights and sounds this site has to offer.

Gone . . . but not forgotten!!!

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